Laura Ashleigh Cleaning Services

Here goes our first fact finding mission

In the spotlight today is a cleaning firm called Laura Ashleigh Cleaning Services. They have listed their business address in Hornchurch and therefore fulfil our criteria to get listed for our users.

A quick search on Google shows a number of listings around the cyberspace. I start with the business’ website.

On their About Us page, I found out that the owner and founder of the cleaning firm is called Laura Holmes. Laura offers cleaning services to private clients and businesses in the Hornchurch area and she has been in business since 2007. That makes is a 12-year-old business operation as of today. Pretty impressive, as many businesses fail to make it past the first 3 years of trading let alone breaking the 10-year mark.

I can see their domestic cleaning rates start from £8 per hour, which is unbelievably low, thus leading me to the conclusion the price on that page has not been recently updated. Laura, if you see this post, please update your About us page.

Recent reviews listed on the website are dated from 2016, again a sign the website has not been recently updated. While this lack of current updates is generally not a good sign, in the world of small family Mom & Pop owned businesses it is something acceptable. I would say the owner is busy providing clients with cleaning services and updating her website is not at the top of her to-do list. Same goes for the insurance policy cover certificate showing an expiry date in 2016.

Services Offered

The services offered on the website of Laura Ashleigh are: domestic cleaning, ironing, oven cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Here are some of the top rated online review websites that have user reviews about Laura Ashleigh:

There are 2 reviews, 5 star each, dated 2015. The lack of recent reviews means there have been no recent review gathering campaigns by the business. Not necessarily a bad sign, although much reassuring would have been recently dated reviews. Onto the next one.


Average score of 4.3 out of 6 reviews as of today. Latest post was from 18/03/2019. Not too shabby. I have seen a lot worse.

The business is a member since 2015 although no reviews have been published yet.


There are 3 five star reviews and the latest one is a 1 star review. Average score – 4 stars. I read through the review and the cleaning company owner’s response and noticed that the user was not impressed by the lack of response to an initial request rather the quality of the cleaning service provided.

First impressions count and getting no response to one’s request is never a good start. However, I believe there may have been a misunderstanding or a technical glitch that has led to that result. It’s a tough one to decide.

Impartial Opinions On Cleaning Contractors in Hornchurch, Essex

This website was created with one and only objective – to provide feedback to potential clients and business owners of local cleaning companies.

To know how a business is doing and at what level is their cleaning service, do they care about their customers, do they try and correct mistakes when they happen. Above all, people shopping around for carpet cleaning or house cleaning providers are looking for a reputable, honest and hard working no-nonsense local business that will take care of their cleaning problem with the least hassle and inconvenience.

If one starts reading the websites of any cleaning firm in the Hornchurch area, one will inevitably notice that all businesses claim to carry out a perfect job every time. In realistic terms, this is nearly impossible. There is always something that might go wrong. If it doesn’t – happy days. But when it does, then it is important to know which carpet cleaner or a house maid agency works hard to successfully rectify any issues that come along the way.

And on we will provide our personal experience with all of these Hornchurch cleaning contractors.